Introducing Lady Beatrix from Heartland Creations

Lady Beatrix

by Sheila Klugescheid

All in the Family

What do the Sunshine Fibre Fest Co-Organizer, Heartland Creations, and Megs Fancy Bunnies have in common? That would be a cute brown bunny named Lady Beatrix.

After many months of working during this pandemic and very little going on at Heartland Creations, I thought I needed a little extra excitement in my life and would add one more family member to our hobby farm. Anyone who knows me knows I have a passion for sheep (we have 7) and rabbits. For a long while I had 2 house bunnies, the first was an English Angora named Starbuck who lived a good long life and the second is an American Fuzzy Lop by the name of Princess Chelsea Bun.

Actually this story started 5 years ago when Mary of Megs Fancy Bunnies and I each bought a Fuzzy Lop from the same litter at a rabbit show at the Orillia Fair where we first met. Every once in a while, Mary will send me pics or I will see posts on our Sunshine Fibre Fest page (check out @ Megs Fancy Bunnies).  I have a hard time resisting her cute baby bunnies, but this email was a little different.  Beatrix was re-homed back to Mary after her owner lost their job due to COVID-19 shut down or so the story goes. Beatrix’s mom is Mary’s Forget me Knot and her dad is Mary’s buck Mickey Blue Eyes (Chelsea’s brother) so as the saying goes, double the trouble and double the fun, this approximately 8th month old blue eyed Fuzzy Lop bundle of energy now lives at our house. Beatrix loves to be petted just like her aunt Chelsea and also loves to leap from the top of her cage and land on her pillow. Her most valuable item seems to be her litter box which she sits in when anything gets too close to her cage. She is very slowly warming up to her aunt Chelsea but they still aren’t sure about one another yet and I still only let one out at a time. Beatrix did lie down and have a nap in front of Chelsea’s cage today without any thumping or nipping so maybe there is hope of them becoming friends. It’s time for me to feed the girls and tuck them in, hope you enjoy hearing a little of what I’ve been up to.

Marie and I are looking forward to hearing stories from our other Sunshine Fibre Fest Vendors about what is keeping you busy during this lock down.

Warm and Wooly Wishes from Sheila Klugescheid

Chelsea, Beatrix’s aunt

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