Sunshine Fibre Fest 2021 Postponed

To all our vendors, volunteers, customers and followers, Sheila and I are sorry to have to announce that Sunshine Fibre Fest 2021 cannot go ahead as planned this year. We have booked Saturday May 7, 2022 for Sunshine Fibre Fest 2022 at ODAS Park. Many of our vendors are offering a huge variety of products on-line or by phone mail order , as well as various on-line knit-ins or classes or videos. Please support these whenever you can! Watch this space and we will post our vendors’ news and offerings as they arise.

Vendor Profile: Mariposa Woolen Mill

Mariposa Woolen Mill is a business focused on conserving heritage breed sheep and supporting local producers through the use of their fibres. We strive to produce a variety of all Canadian Wool products made right in our Mill in Oakwood, ON. 

Items we sell include breed specific rovings, batts and yarns. As well as felting supplies, Lincoln Longwool and Mohair locks, finished felted goods and felting kits. We are currently running online workshops every two weeks and also offer a variety of needle felting kits and yarn which can be picked up curbside or mailed.  Please check out our website for tickets to our workshops, kits and contact information. 

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Images from Sunshine Fibre Fest 2019, a fabulous fleece and fibre festival featuring diverse vendors, demonstrations, live animals and more

Hand crafts are a wonderful antidote to our increasingly technological lives and help maintain heritage skills and techniques that are in danger of being lost.

By participating in textile crafts and supporting vendors at fibre festivals, we are continuing the development of tens of thousands of years of textile technological know-how that has helped humans thrive in diverse environments across the globe, and made our lives a little more beautiful.

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Celebrating heritage crafts and techniques with a wonderful community of people

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Sunshine Fibre Fest

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Saturday May 7, 2022

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